2020 Chevy Sonic Release Date, Colors, Price, Changes

Waiting for the New 2020 Chevy Sonic

2020 Chevy Sonic Release Date, Colors, Price, Changes – The small car still has its own demand in the market. One of the prominent brands is Sonic from Chevrolet. This car belongs to subcompact vehicle, even though this segment is not as big as SUV and compact. One of the new models is 2020 Chevy Sonic that’s ready to fulfill many things.

The subcompact is the car class that’s smaller than compact size. In Europe, this car belongs to B-segment or mini-car. However, some cars are produced with a smaller size compared to a subcompact. Sonic is the car for city driving on an urban area.

2020 Chevy Sonic Engine MPG Specs

2020 Chevy Sonic Engine MPG Specs

What Will The 2020 Chevy Sonic Look Like?

Changes, Redesign, Concept

2020 Chevy Sonic expects to have the same design as the recent mode. Chevrolet might not change much in term of appearance. On the other side, the car receives upgrades to adjust with car technology.

At first, the car was available only as a hatchback. Chevrolet expands Sonic with the additional model as the sedan. Hatchback and sedan use the same base engine and chassis. The only difference is extended and closed trunk that you find in the sedan model.

Interior and Exterior

From the exterior side, 2020 Chevy Sonic adopts principle called small size and big thrills. A small car does not reduce elegant style and compatibility touch. You see the curve style at the front side with the flat roof. For the sedan, the car uses standard design with a three-box concept. This car is available in nine colors that you can choose.

Next thing is to explore the interior side of Sonic. Inside the car, you see the two-row seat that’s capable to keep five people, including the driver. The seats use high-quality material to keep driving as comfortable as possible.

To support the driver, the car has integration with the internet and smartphone. For iPhone users, the car is accessible through Apple Carplay. For Android users, the app is installed to connect a smartphone. Furthermore, it has features such as park assist, lane departure warning, rear camera, collision alert.

2020 Chevy Sonic Interior Design

2020 Chevy Sonic Interior Design

2020 Chevy Sonic Redesign Changes

2020 Chevy Sonic Redesign Changes

Engine Specs, MPG, Horsepower

Both sedan and hatchback have the same engine base. Chevrolet puts an engine with capacity 1.4 liters. The engine is Ecotec and Turbocharged. For powertrain, it is up to 138 horsepower. The car uses six-automatic transmission. Fuel efficiency rate is up to 38 miles per gallon for the sedan. For the hatchback, it is approximately 35 mpg.

Trims Levels

2020 Chevy Sonic has several trim levels. Hatchback model is available with trim levels, such as LT and Premier. For the sedan, you can choose LS, LT, and Premier. You need to specify what model you want before purchasing.

2020 Chevy Sonic Concept Specs Rumors

2020 Chevy Sonic Concept Specs Rumors

When Will 2020 Chevy Sonic Come Out?

2020 Chevy Sonic Release Date

The first generation of Sonic had a different name. It was called as Aveo released in 2002. Chevrolet changed the name into Sonic, and the new generation was ready in 2012. Recent model is already in the market. If you want 2020 Sonic, the order session is in 2019.

How Much Is 2020 Chevy Sonic?

Price and MSRP

The base price for Sonic is different between sedan and hatchback. You need to spend at least $15,420 for LS sedan. The Premier sedan has price approximately $21,115.

For the hatchback, you need to spend at least $18,100 for the LT model. Moreover, Premier hatch has the base price at $21,915. From this point, 2020 Chevy Sonic has a higher price for hatchback compared to the sedan in same trim level.

2020 Chevy Sonic Colors

We predict the colors that will come out for 2020 Chevy Sonic are as follows:



Cajun Red Tintcoat Dark Pewter/Dark Titanium
Kinetic Blue Metallic Jet Black
Mosaic Black Metallic Jet Black/Dark Titanium
Nightfall Gray Metallic
Orange Burst Metallic
Red Hot
Silver Ice Metallic
Summit White