2020 Honda Element Release Date, Colors, Interior, Price

2020 Honda Element Release Date, Colors, Interior, Price – Honda had Element from 2003 until the last production in 2011. After that, there is an ongoing rumor about new 2020 Honda Element. This car will bring new tech and design to attract more customers.

What do you expect from this car? In the past time, Element belonged to crossover compact segment. Today, that segment is in significant growth with new model and tech. That’s why Honda might intend to put this car in the market again for the future production.

2020 Honda Element Redesign Changes

2020 Honda Element Redesign Changes

What Will The 2020 Honda Element Look Like?

Changes, Redesign, Concept

To fulfill auto enthusiasts and fans, some concepts are leaked to the public. If you compare to the latest model, there is a significant change. Overall design still retains what Element should be, but it looks better.

The redesign brings the futuristic approach to box style SUV. It is similar to the van where the vehicle can get more people. However, Honda adds a bold frame and bulk approach that makes this car unique.

Interior and Exterior

2020 Honda Element has the shorter front hood. This kind of exterior creates a flat perspective at front grille. Honda emblem is attached at the middle area, between the left and right headlamp. Both uses LED to boost visibility.

Interior is the key to the new car. In 2011, Honda upgraded the car’s capability with advanced tech. For a new one, you might expect to get high-quality seating alongside high tech. Both are the perfect combination to reintroduce new car.

2020 Honda Element Interior

2020 Honda Element Interior

2020 Honda Element Release Date

2020 Honda Element Release Date

Engine, Horsepower, and Powertrain

How fast is 2020 Honda Element? Some people might expect that a new car is not about power, but also faster. From its design, the speed might not be car’s specialty. However, you will get an engine between 2.4 liters and 4.0 liter.

From that engine, the car receives bigger powertrain than predecessor does. Powertrain should be range between 300 and 400 horsepower. It is still tentative, but you might get more than this estimation.

Trims Levels

The next thing is about to trim level for Element. Usually, Honda will provide several variants with a slight additional feature. The element might have two types of trim level which are standard and sport.

2020 Honda Element Black Colors

2020 Honda Element Black Colors

When Does 2020 Honda Element Come Out?

2020 Honda Element Release Date

When 2020 Honda Element is released in the market? Honda has not released the official announcement yet. Normally, the new car is ready one or two year’s prior production.

You need to wait if intend to purchase this car. While waiting, you can try the old model from previous Element production. That’s the convenient way until Element is completely ready.

How Much Is 2020 Honda Element?

Price and MSRP

Price is what everyone wants to know when the new car is released. The price for SUV and crossover is varied depending on its category. Element seems to be the standard car, not the luxury or premium one. In that case, you might compare the price based on the existing model that has close similarity.

How much is for 2020 Honda Element? The base price might starts from $30,000 for standard variants. The price is higher if you choose more trim levels. As usual, the car price is a subject to tax and other sales matter. If you want to know the fixed price, just contact or visit Honda dealer nearby your area.

2020 Honda Element Colors

We predict the colors that will come out for 2020 Honda Element are as follows:



Alabaster Silver Metallic Gray
Citrus Fire Metallic Red/Black
Crystal Black Pearl Titanium
Midnight Red Pearl Titanium/Black
Omni Blue Pearl
Polished Metal Metallic
Royal Blue Pearl
Tango Red Pearl