2020 Honda FIT Release Date, Redesign, Rumors, Colors

Magnificent Changes in 2020 Honda FIT

2020 Honda FIT Release Date, Redesign, Rumors, Colors – Good things come in small size. That notion aptly describes FIT by Honda. Despite its size, this car has various different cool features. Because of that, people are curious to see how this automaker is going to make 2020 Honda FIT the most popular product in its market segment.

People love this car because of the compact size but great cargo capacity for its size. It is considered one of the best in the market. Spy images of this car have come out. Even if the car was heavily camouflaged, there are still some obvious new features that can be seen.

2020 Honda FIT Redesign Changes Concept

2020 Honda FIT Redesign Changes Concept

How is 2020 Honda FIT Redesign?

The last time this car faced redesigning was in 2015 when it received a total makeover from inside to outside. People believe that it is time for the car to be redesigned. It seems like that wish will come true as spy images indicated heavy changes in 2020 Honda FIT.

Its redesigning does not only happen in its exterior part. The interior and engine are also predicted to experience change. However, it seems like the hybrid technology of this car is not going to be introduced worldwide in this generation.

Interior and Exterior

2020 Honda FIT will provide more space for its passengers to increase comfort. The cargo capacity will be enhanced a little bit. The driver also gets more features including armrests and seat adjuster. The infotainment system also improves trinkets like audio streaming.

This new generation is taller than its previous generations. It assures that passengers will have more headroom during the ride. At the right side of its front grille, there is an exhaust pipe while radiator located behind it. This is to prepare engine with higher specifications.

2020 Honda FIT Interior

2020 Honda FIT Interior

2020 Honda FIT Spy Photos Pics Shots

2020 Honda FIT Spy Photos Pics Shots

Engine, Horsepower, MPG

It is predicted that this new generation will utilize a three-cylinder engine with a discharge capacity of 1.5 liters. The engine can be found in Civic series which are released for Europe audience. It is capable of producing power up to 125 horsepower. However, it seems like this power output will be upgraded.

This engine is paired with a six-speed transmission. In the inner city, it has a fuel economy of 55 mpg. Meanwhile, the hybrid version is believed to not be a plug-in car. It is equipped with a powered battery that is capable of carrying 2020 Honda FIT for about 300 kilometers after one-time charging.

Trims Levels

It seems like trims levels in this generation will still follow the previous ones. There is S-level for the base, then followed by higher end ones. The next trim levels would be 2020 Honda FIT SE, EX, and Sport. There is also a chance for you to get more features for this automaker.

As you have probably heard, Honda is going to release its hybrid version. This version is called EV. It is rumored to be released only in China in 2019 but not to other regions like Europe and the United States.

2020 Honda FIT Release Date

2020 Honda FIT Release Date

When Does 2020 Honda FIT Come Out?

2020 Honda FIT Release Date

The car manufacturer has not released information for a release date of 2020 Honda FIT. However, it is expected that it will come out next year or at least the beginning of 2020.

This car continuously receives upgrades from its manufacturer. The previous generation was released not too long ago. However, the anticipation toward its release date is still pretty high.

How Much Is 2020 Honda FIT?

Price and MSRP

The current price range for this car is from $17,885 to $21,415. It seems like there will not be palpable changes of price between this generation and the previous one.

Price of 2020 Honda FIT depends on its trim levels and features that are added. The EV version is expected to be sold at $18,000 which is not far from the standard gas-fueled model.

2020 Honda FIT Colors

We predict the colors that will come out for 2020 Honda FIT are as follows:



Aegean Blue Metallic Black
Crystal Black Pearl
Helios Yellow Pearl
Lunar Silver Metallic
Milano Red
Modern Steel Metallic
Orange Fury
Platinum White Pearl