2020 Honda Passport Release Date, Interior, Colors, Price

2020 Honda Passport Release Date, Interior, Colors, Price – Honda has announced a new model with nameplate as a Passport. This car was popular in the 1990s as a sports utility vehicle. In early 2002, Honda Passport was no longer in production. After long hiatus, the third generation will be ready as 2020 Honda Passport.

As we know, the car market is full of competitors, and customers want the new thing. So, what is the difference between the old and new Passport? Honda Passport uses Pilot wheelbase and basic design, but it shrinks its capacity. The result is crossover SUV that’s capable for off-road driving.

What Will The 2020 Honda Passport Look Like?

Changes, Redesign, Concept

First and second generations were SUV but in medium size. New 2020 Honda Passport belongs to the segment between CR-V and Pilot. CR-V is a compact car, but you get bigger space in Passport. However, it looks shorter, although the wheelbase is similar to Pilot.

Honda redesigns this car to fulfill suburban and rural riding. That’s why the design adopts bold SUV touch with masculine front grail. The body is not bulk as Pilot, but it tends to be smoother while keeps the frame as bold as possible. This is what you get from a new Passport.

Interior and Exterior

Like a new car, people want to know the interior and exterior attached to this car. From the exterior side, you see elegant grille with LED light. At rear side, it has a tailgate to do towing. Basically, everything you see in Pilot will be in Passport, but in a smaller version.

The interior of 2020 Honda Passport is real deal due to many features, tools, and equipment. The car has two-row seat mode, and the second one is capable to fold for more spaces. At the front dashboard, you can see a spacious driving cabin with additional things, such as the cup holder and glove box.

2020 Honda Passport Interior

2020 Honda Passport Interior

2020 Honda Passport Changes Redesign Concept

2020 Honda Passport Changes Redesign Concept

Engine, Horsepower, Gas Mileage

The engine uses the capacity of 3.5 liters V6. This kind of engine is what Pilot has under its hood. Therefore, the powertrain is equal, which is 280 horsepower.

The same engine and power mean you can do towing as equal as Pilot. A passport might handle 3500 to 5000 pound in term of towing capability. It also uses nine-speed transmission and front wheel drive mode. You get all-wheel drive as optional.

Trims Levels

Next thing on 2020 Honda Passport is trimmed levels. Honda offers four options, which are Sport, EXL, Touring, and Elite. Sport is the basic level which every feature will be available for the rest of option. If you want all-wheel drive, choose Elite variant.

The features on this car are 20-inch wheels, tri-zone climate control, matte-black exterior trim, cloth upholstery, stereo speaker, rearview camera, keyless entry, and LED headlights including taillights and fog lights. All trim levels have Honda Sensing.

2020 Honda Passport Spy Photos Images Pics

2020 Honda Passport Spy Photos Images Pics

When Will 2020 Honda Passport Come Out?

2020 Honda Passport Release Date

When will 2020 Honda Passport is ready in the market? The official release is in 2018. You can order for 2020 model in 2019. For your information, the car production is at least six-month prior initial order.

In that case, you just need to wait for this car until next year. Even though the release date is definite, the initial order is available in one year. You should contact local dealer for further information.

How Much Is 2020 Honda Passport?

Price and MSRP

Well, the car is placed between Pilot and CR-V. From this point, you can expect the base price for Sports model. Honda might put the price at least $32,000 as initial money you should pay. The price goes higher for other variants.

The price of the new car is not definite. Some aspects are not in calculation yet due to different factors. If you want to purchase it, consider the location and taxes. After that, wait until the car is ready in your garage. Well, that’s all you need to know about 2020 Honda Passport.

2020 Honda Passport Interior and Exterior Colors

We predict the colors that will come out for 2020 Honda Passport are as follows:



Black Forest Pearl Beige
Crystal Black Pearl Black
Deep Scarlet Pearl Gray
Lunar Silver Metallic
Modern Steel Metallic
Obsidian Blue Pearl
Steel Sapphire Metallic
White Diamond Pearl