2020 Honda Pilot Elite Changes, Redesign, Release Date

2020 Honda Pilot Elite Changes, Redesign, Release Date – Honda introduced the first generation of Pilot in 2001 and it’s ready for market in 2002. The last model was updated in 2016 as the third generation. For 2020 Honda Pilot, it might belong to a new facelift that Honda provides in 2019.

The pilot is crossover SUV at the midsize level, but it looks bigger due to the expanded cabin. For your information, this car shares the same platform with other Honda vehicles and Acura lineup. For more explanation, read the following sections.

2020 Honda Pilot Changes Redesign Rumors

2020 Honda Pilot Changes Redesign Rumors

What Will The 2020 Honda Pilot Look Like?

Changes, Redesign, Concept

What is the main difference between the recent and next 2020 Honda Pilot model? Honda does not change the engine specs; just add several improvements to exterior aspects. It receives new bumper and front grille. Moreover, some apps are updated to adjust to the latest Honda network.

The basic concept of this car is a combination between SUV and compact model. Both create what today called as crossover SUV. The car is capable of daily basis duty in an urban area and more reliable for heavy duty. From its appearance, it mixes bold frame with smooth and curves touch.

Interior and Exterior

Exterior part will get some upgrades. Honda Pilot uses 20-inch alloy for wheel and a new tailgate. At the front, you will see subtle grille that looks modern. At both sides, LED headlamp is very thin but exhausts vibrant lighting. In addition, the LED lamps are also available at the rear side.

2020 Honda Pilot receives many updates at software and apps. As you know, Honda integrates this car with their network for navigation and safety. More importantly, Pilot has 4G WI-FI to accommodate internet availability. The last part is Honda Sensing for safety measure.

Another interior feature is seating arrangement. The car has three-row seat and you can change it to expand cabin space. The first and second row is the captain model with high-grade leather. Meanwhile, the last row is capable to fold easily to provide more area for your luggage.

2020 Honda Pilot Interior

2020 Honda Pilot Interior

2020 Honda Pilot Elite Plug In Hybrid Spor

2020 Honda Pilot Elite Plug-In Hybrid Sports

Engine, V6, Horsepower, Towing Capacity

For the engine, its capacity is 3.5 liter with a V6 model. It is similar to the recent model since Honda does not change much in term of Pilot performance. Based on that engine, you can experience 280 horsepower.

The pilot is not the car for speeding. However, acceleration is better than competitors in the same category. This car is capable to reach 60 mph in less than 8 seconds. The good thing about Pilot is towing capacity that’s equal to Passport approximately up to 5000 pounds.

Trims Levels

2020 Honda Pilot is available in several trim levels. They are LX, EX, EX-L, Touring, and Elite. LX is the base model and each feature will be in the rest of variant. Touring is the model for long journey due to additional support.

Moreover, Elite is the top model in Pilot variant. It has a wireless charger, integrated smartphone network, apps to control entertainment, and panoramic roof. You can open this roof for better air circulation.

2020 Honda Pilot Release Date Rumors

2020 Honda Pilot Release Date Rumors

When Will 2020 Honda Pilot Come Out?

2020 Honda Pilot Release Date

Pilot recent model is the third generation that’s already in the market since 2016. Honda said that 2019 facelift would be unveiled as soon as possible. This model will be the base concept for 2020 Honda Pilot.

If you want to purchase the 2020 model, it is better to wait for at least one year. After the official car is ready, the initial order will be available. You need to ask official dealers for further information.

How Much Is 2020 Honda Pilot?

Price and MSRP

Well, the base price for a recent model starts from $34,330, and it goes higher for advanced trim level. The touring model has priced $42,520, while Elite is $48,020.

The price for 2020 Honda Pilot might be higher than the recent one. Usually, fixed price is different from what you see at the official website. Each dealer and sale location has an additional cost that might increase the price at the customer level.

2020 Honda Pilot Colors

We predict the colors that will come out for 2020 Honda Pilot are as follows:



Black Forest Pearl Beige
Crystal Black Pearl Black
Deep Scarlet Pearl Gray
Lunar Silver Metallic
Modern Steel Metallic
Obsidian Blue Pearl
Steel Sapphire Metallic
White Diamond Pearl

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