2020 RAM Dakota Release Date, Redesign, Specs, Price

2020 RAM Dakota Specs, Trim Levels and Price

2020 RAM Dakota Release Date, Redesign, Specs, Price – Ram Dakota or popularly known as Dodge Dakota is rumored to build all-new mid-size truck derived from pickup released by Wrangler. Since the last middle-sizing Dodge Dakota truck was discontinued in 2011, 2020 Ram Dakota could be a new favorite among automotive enthusiast. Like the Jeep Wrangler, Ram Dakota carries the body frame similar to what Jeep has.

The next generation of Ram pickup is likely going to carry similar drive-train and so does the Jeep. However, it is not clear enough whether the platform is similar to the Jeep’s or not.

2020 RAM Dakota Redesign

2020 RAM Dakota Redesign

What Will The 2020 RAM Dakota Look Like?

Redesign, Changes, Concept

This middle-sizing pickup comes with the concept of its previous generation which was discontinued in 2011 after 25 years had pickup segments in the pocket. Based on rumors out there, the 2020 Ram Dakota will carry platform of Dodge Durango.

Moreover, the brand new Dakota is said to carry a similar body frame with Ram Dakota 1500. It shares similar body shape as well as the pickup details. The combination of lightweight car materials is supposed to be used in order to reduce car weight.

Interior and Exterior

The truth is that there are no details shared by Chrysler about the next Ram Dakota. If the model goes into the car production, it is sure that there will be no so much different with other Ram pickups designs. In addition to the interior, the vehicle probably brings state-of-the-art technology options with high-quality materials as well.

Inside the car cabin, the seating is somewhat cozy as it’s made up of heating, cooling and also energy performance. The boats made of metal possibly accentuate the design or car interior.

When it comes to exterior design, 2020 Ram Dakota offers a sleek and clean design with hard sharp lines beside the front lights and tail lights as well. The design of the grille is made of stainless, offering interesting rims with a strong appearance. The entrance design is accessible with the availability of easy-to-open door.

2020 RAM Dakota Release Date

2020 RAM Dakota Release Date

Engine Specs, Powertrain, Horsepower

Two pieces of a V-8 engine and V-6 engine units are considered become the power-train of the new 2020 Ram Dakota just like the earlier Dakota version which went out the car production in 2011. The engine is helped by the soft hybrid system along with 3.0 liter of turbo-diesel.

The diesel unit is probably carried out by the new Dakota which is combined with 8-speed transmission along with a 2.0-liter turbo engine. The engine is able to bring 270 horsepower in conjunction with 290 lb-feet of torque.

Trim Levels

Through the car production, the new Dakota is rumored to come in three different trim levels ST, SLT, and Laramie. The ST is the basic model of 2020 Ram Dakota, SLT as the mid-size model and Laramie as the top-pick model.

When Will 2020 RAM Dakota Come Out?

2020 Ram Dakota Release Date

The release date of 2020 Ram Dakota is not clearly described by the officials yet. However, rumor said that this mid-size pickup truck will be released in the last of 2019. Alternatively, the truck will be released in early 2020.

How Much Is 2020 RAM Dakota?

Price and MSRP

There is still no confirmation about the actual price of 2020 Ram Dakota. Comparing to its predecessors, Dakota is estimated cost around $60,000. However, the price can get higher based on trim levels selected.