2020 Toyota Prius V, C Prime, Release Date, Redesign

Predictions of 2020 Toyota Prius Specs and Details

2020 Toyota Prius V, C Prime, Release Date, Redesign – The 2020 Toyota Prius is going to be released. Toyota may bring some changes to this car. However, there is still limited clue and info about this.

It seems that the car will be updated based on the concept and design of Corolla. The updates offered to make people attracted by this car. However, this is not kind of car for those who look for performance.

2020 Toyota Prius C Release Date Price

2020 Toyota Prius C Release Date Price

What Will The 2020 Toyota Prius Look Like?

Changes, Redesign, Concept

It is true that the concept of this new Prius is going to adapt the Corolla. Although it will not copy it, some adaptations are made for the car. Some speculations say the new looks and designs are brought.

The car is going to look more attractive. Although its engine may not be sectors to get big changes, this will still get proper improvements. For other details, these will be discussed.

Exterior and Interior

The fresher look is offered by 2020 Toyota Prius. There are some sectors of the exterior to be updated. The grille will be the important part and this will be updated to get the better and newer look. Its rear fascia will get sporty touches with the new concept of wheels.

For the interior, there will be no big changes. The comfy cabin is the goal of its redesign. Then, the touchscreen is placed to give easier and faster access. Some security features are also improved and added for safety in driving.

2020 Toyota Prius Interior Design

2020 Toyota Prius Interior Design

2020 Toyota Prius Prime Redesign Concept

2020 Toyota Prius Prime Redesign Concept

Engine Specs, Horsepower, MPG

It seems 2020 Toyota Prius will not have big changes for its powertrain. The car may have some improvements, but it is not for the power. It probably will use a 1.8-liter engine, and this is enough to give up to 100 horsepower.

The new Toyota Prius is not for speed. Yet, this is for better efficiency. The fuel efficiency is quite high and can reach up to 60 mpg. It seems that this will use hybrid technology for the engine.

Trim Level

Some speculations have been made. However, there is still limited information about this car. That’s why it is quite hard to figure out the trim level. However, it seems that the variations will be similar to its predecessor.

2020 Toyota Prius V Release Date Price

2020 Toyota Prius V Release Date Price

When Will 2020 Toyota Prius Come Out?

2020 Toyota Prius Release Date

This becomes the other confusing part. Although rumors stated that there will be a new Toyota Prius in 2020, it is still clueless. Toyota still has not provided any information about the release date for 2020 Toyota Prius.

Since it is already the end of 2018, it seems that the car may be ready in early 2020. If it is faster, end of 2020 is quite possible to happen as its release date. However, these are still speculations and people still have to wait for the confirmation.

How Much Is 2020 Toyota Prius?

Price and MSRP

Related to the price, the car will not be too different from the predecessor. There are no big changes offered. It also needs to keep the good and competitive price, so this still can get the market.

Based on some speculations, this car is sold for around $29,000. This is a reasonable price as it is not too expensive. The better level of 2020 Toyota Prius may be sold in around $32,000.

2020 Toyota Prius Colors

We predict the colors that will come out for 2020 Toyota Prius are as follows:



Absolutely Red Gray/Black
Black Sand Pearl
Blizzard Pearl
Blue Streak Metallic
Classic Silver Metallic
Magnetic Gray Metallic
Super White
Tide Pool Pearl