2020 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Release Date, Price, Changes

2020 Toyota RAV4 Specs and Release Date

2020 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Release Date, Price, Changes – One of the prominent crossover SUVs is Toyota RAV4 that’s released since 1994. This car has several upgrades and the latest one is the 4th generation. The 2020 Toyota RAV4 will be a part of that generation which officially released in 2018.

This car has a unique name to indicate four-wheel drive attached on RAV4 signature. However, Toyota also provides another driving mode. For your information, RAV stands for Recreational Activity vehicle. It combines SUV and compact capability in a single vehicle.

2020 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Colors

2020 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Colors

What Will The 2020 Toyota RAV4 Look Like?

Changes, Redesign, Concept

The first generation looks like mid-size SUV with less curve touch. In 4th generation, Toyota redesigned the car appearance with a completely different style. It has more curves at front with a lean frame. However, Toyota brings back the old style to the new 2020 Toyota RAV4.

This car adopts standard SUV style for the front side with the bulk grille. It shows that Toyota wants to put more SUV features to increase the car’s ability. On the other side, the car still has a compact vehicle preference where the driver can do maneuvering easily.

Interior and Exterior

To distinguish from SUV, just see car’s rear style. It has a curve model for the rear door with an extended wheelbase. The car has a 19-inch alloy wheel, aggressive stance, roof rails, and large over the fender. At the front side, the LED headlight will help to enhance visibility. At rear side, there are a rear bumper and dual chrome exhaust.

2020 Toyota RAV4 has an attractive interior. The car has enough space for people and their luggage. Sets use high-grade material to make comfortable during the journey. The cabin has a roof at the top for additional light.

Toyota enhances car technology. You can control panels, apps, and everything just from the front dashboard. They are a Neptune, Bluetooth, navigation, digital rear mirror, and USB port. More features are Carplay, JBL audio system, smart key access, and wireless charger.

2020 Toyota RAV4 Interior Design

2020 Toyota RAV4 Interior Design

2020 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Concept Changes

2020 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Concept Changes

Engine Specs, Horsepower, SUV

As crossover SUV, this car has many functions. To support them, Toyota puts an advanced engine with capacity 2.5-liter. The engine is capable to exhaust approximately 203 horsepower. The transmission is 8-speed automatic. You can choose driving modes, such as normal, eco, and sport to manage fuel efficiency.

Trims Levels

2020 Toyota RAV4 has some trim levels. You may pick variants, such as LE, XLE, XLE Premium, Adventure, and Limited. LE and XLE are the base design and specs for RAV4. You get more features in XLE Premium and Adventure. For Limited option, every latest tech supposed to be is in this model.

2020 Toyota RAV4 Release Date Rumors

2020 Toyota RAV4 Release Date Rumors

When Will 2020 Toyota RAV4 Come Out?

2020 Toyota RAV4 Release Date

As mentioned above, this car is already available for customers. If you want the 2020 model, the order is available in 2019. Normally, the 2020 model has production time in 2019.

How Much Is 2020 Toyota RAV4?

Price and MSRP

How much is Toyota RAV4? The car price depends on many factors, especially trim level. For LE and XLE model, you need at least $25,000 and $27,000 respectively. The Adventure has the base price at $32,900. For Limited, its price is the most expensive one at $33,500.

You should check the car availability related to which trim level you want to pick. Local dealer will calculate the price for 2020 Toyota RAV4. You just need to contact them then ask for help.

2020 Toyota RAV4 Colors

We predict the colors that will come out for 2020 Toyota RAV4 are as follows:



Blizzard Pearl Black
Blue Flame Light Gray
Blueprint Mocha
Lunar Rock Nutmeg
Magnetic Gray Metallic
Midnight Black Metallic
Ruby Flare Pearl
Silver Sky Metallic
Super White