2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Redesign, Concept, Colors, Changes

Specs and Other Details of 2020 Toyota Tacoma

2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Redesign, Concept, Colors, Changes – The 2020 Toyota Tacoma is the famous truck. Even, compared to other trucks in its level, it is called the leading car. It is proven by the selling in 2017 and 2018.

By the appearance of new Tacoma, Toyota may expect something better coming from the selling of this truck. The profits are expected and some updates are offered in order to attract attention. Some changes are applied to bring greater Toyota Tacoma.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Concept

2020 Toyota Tacoma Concept

What Will The 2020 Toyota Tacoma Look Like?

Redesign, Changes, Concept

As a class of mid-size car, this is one of the best. However, lately, the competitors have released the new generations. This brings challenges for the car.

Of course, there is nothing to worry too much. Toyota is going to make this new Tacoma look more attractive. It will also bring more comfortable with technology and engine under the hood. This is going to be the stronger Tacoma.

Exterior and Interior

The body of 2020 Toyota Tacoma gets attention. Its weight seems to bring some issues. That’s why the manufacturer reduces its weight by finding a great combination of material. It will also bring more spaces for the car. The appearance is upgraded by modern styling.

The modern touch is also found in the interior. Technologies inside the cabin are upgraded, such as the sound system and safety features. This will also bring a larger screen to the center of the dashboard.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Interior Concept

2020 Toyota Tacoma Interior Concept

2020 Toyota Tacoma Release Date Rumors

2020 Toyota Tacoma Release Date Rumors

Engine Specs, V6

There are predictions and rumors about the engine. It is said there will be some options for it. However, most predictions show this is going to use the V6 and four-cylinder engine with gasoline as fuel.

The option of diesel may also be offered by Toyota. However, there is the limited clue and news about the engine of 2020 Toyota Tacoma. So, it is quite difficult to figure it out.

Trims Levels

In fact, there are so many predictions and speculations about this truck. However, there is only limited clarity about new Tacoma. It is also for trim level. However, it seems that the options will not be too different from its predecessors with different specs. They are TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, and TRD Pro.

2020 Toyota Tacoma TTRD Pro Redesign Changes

2020 Toyota Tacoma TTRD Pro Redesign Changes

When Will 2020 Toyota Tacoma Come Out?

2020 Toyota Tacoma Release Date

As one of the famous truck, many people expect its release date. This will uncover the fog and give clarity about this car. Unluckily, there is no info about the release.

Based on some speculations, it seems that the end of 2019 may be the release date of 2020 Toyota Tacoma. A year is more than enough to prepare this car. However, it may still need time to make it ready for purchase.

How Much Is 2020 Toyota Tacoma?

Price and MSRP

The price will be other interesting speculation. It may determine consideration of those who have expected the release of this car. About the price, it seems it will not be too different.

So far, there may be three trim levels with its price prediction. The TRD Sport will be sold around $32,000. Then, TRD Off-Road is in range of $34,000. Then, 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro will be launched at $41,000.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Colors

We predict the colors that will come out for 2020 Toyota Tacoma are as follows:



Barcelona Red Metallic Black
Cavalry Blue Black/Caramel
Cement Black/Gun Metal
Magnetic Gray Metallic Black/Orange
Midnight Black Metallic Black/Red
Quicksand Cement Gray
Silver Sky Metallic Graphite
Super White Hickory
Voodoo Blue