2020 Volkswagen Bus / Microbus Release Date, Interior, Price

2020 Volkswagen Bus as Futuristic Car with Electric Engine

2020 Volkswagen Bus / Microbus Release Date, Interior, Price – Volkswagen is the prominent manufacturer in the car industry with various lineups. As you know, Bus model or minivan was the iconic vehicle that commonly called a hippie. For 2020 Volkswagen Bus, the manufacturer has a plan to reintroduce new bus mode with an electric engine.

Minivan from this company comes with iconic design. It has a flat front grille with many windows and several seats for more passengers. You get sliding door at the center to open passenger area. At the front, it has VW emblem attached. That’s the design for the old model. For the new one, you should check the following section.

2020 Volkswagen Bus Microbus Concept

2020 Volkswagen Bus Microbus Concept

What Will The 2020 Volkswagen Bus Look Like?

Changes, Redesign, Concept

The first model of Volkswagen Bus was introduced in 1949. The car became a major hit due to the distinct design compared to competitors in the same segment. The basic concept of new 2020 Volkswagen Bus is old style with advanced tech.

To fulfill market demand, VW released a concept model for this car that might be ready in 2022. In general, the car looks different from old mode because the frame has a curve and smooth finishing. The car retains old nose at the front part with long windows.

Interior and Exterior

From the exterior side, you will receive more features. The metal alloys are attached in each body, and the wheelbase is quite rigid yet flexible. At front grille, it has iconic WV emblem with a round headlamp in LED mode.

The interior of 2020 Volkswagen Bus is different from the old model. With the leaner nose, the engine is at front hood. Front seat provides enough space to keep the tools and panels. Based on cabin space, the car might be for eight people, including the driver. As an electric car, all technologies are integrated into single control at the front dashboard.

2020 Volkswagen Bus Microbus Interior Concept

2020 Volkswagen Bus Microbus Interior Concept

2020 Volkswagen Bus Microbus Design

2020 Volkswagen Bus Microbus Design

Engine, Horsepower

The engine for new Volkswagen uses a battery with the capability to operate the electric motor. Estimation powertrain is approximately more than 250 horsepower, but less than 300 horsepower. That is enough to enjoy touring.

Trims Levels

Next thing on 2020 Volkswagen Bus is trim level. Volkswagen might offer only one trim level. As you know, the electric car does not have much differentiation, except support feature. In that case, you may have two or three options regarding trim level in the new Bus.

2020 Volkswagen Bus Microbus Release Date

2020 Volkswagen Bus Microbus Release Date

When Will 2020 Volkswagen Bus Come Out?

2020 Volkswagen Bus Release Date

It has been a long time since the last model was in the market. Nowadays, vintage Bus has a big price because it is rare and legend. If you still like this car, it is better to find a secondhand car in the marketplace.

The official release for Volkswagen Bus is not available yet. The concept car is already in public. People expect to see what car looks like in street. You need to wait until VW gives the official announcement for this car.

How Much Is 2020 Volkswagen Bus?

Price and MSRP

The design, engine, and specs are what people want to know related to the new car. As an electric vehicle, VW will try to keep the cost as low as possible. Today, electric and hybrid cars gain much recognition with low price and more incentive.

For 2020 Volkswagen Bus, analysts estimate the price will start from $30,000. It is tentative because the car price can go higher per year. In that case, you should wait and contact the local dealer immediately for the fixed number.