2020 Volkswagen Golf R Release Date, Redesign, Price

Speculations about Upcoming 2020 Volkswagen Golf R

2020 Volkswagen Golf R Release Date, Redesign, Price – In 2020, Volkswagen will release 2020 Volkswagen Golf R. There will be some cars, but this is the best one to wait for. There are many rumors about its specification that make people wait for the release.

Rumors are made about this car. Since this will be the next generation of Golf R, there are many improvements to expect, and the manufacturer is going to provide it. It will be interesting to see the new upgrades offered by the car.

2020 Volkswagen Golf R Release Date Price Colors

2020 Volkswagen Golf R Release Date Price Colors

What Will The 2020 Volkswagen Golf R Look Like?

Redesign, Changes, Concept

It is true that the car is going to bring something new. People may expect something bigger and better coming from this. These upgrades are needed to win the competitions in the same class.

Some rumors state 2020 Volkswagen Golf R is going to be stronger. This will have an engine to give 400 horsepower. Then, some updates are given for design and concept to support more power.

Exterior and Interior

For the exterior, it will have a sportier and more aggressive look. This is great improvements, especially when you consider the upgraded engine. Its grille and fascia are upgraded to pump up the appearance.

About the interior part, it has the same concept as the exterior. The interior will have a racing-style cabin and interior finishing. The steering wheel will have some buttons for setting for engine and suspension.

2020 Volkswagen Golf R Interior Design Rumors

2020 Volkswagen Golf R Interior Design Rumors

2020 Volkswagen Golf R Changes Concept Redesign

2020 Volkswagen Golf R Changes Concept Redesign

Engine Specs, Horsepower, Hybrid

Well, the engine is the most expected part of the new 2020 Volkswagen Golf R. As the rumors, 400 horsepower will be enough to make this car able to run faster. It may still use the 2.0-liter engine with some upgrades.

The engine is rumored to be combined with a hybrid engine. The 48V-hybrid system is equipped for this car to give higher performance. With this combination, the car only needs around four seconds to accelerate from 0mph to 62mph.

In addition, this engine will be powerful enough in comparison to Audi RS3 and Mercedes-AMG A45. The other good thing is that it can turn into the economic engine when the driver does not need high performance. This is the great thing to point out.

Trims Levels

Although some specifications are quite clear, there is limited information for the trim levels. There will be some options, but people still have to wait for official release. However, it may not be too different from the previous version.

2020 Volkswagen Golf R Specs

2020 Volkswagen Golf R Specs

When Will 2020 Volkswagen Golf R Come Out?

2020 Volkswagen Golf R Release Date

Then, it is time to see the release date. It is predicted that 2020 Volkswagen Golf R will be ready at the end of 2019. The full trim levels and options will be released in 2020. It still needs time to know the precise date.

The base model will be the released first. Then, higher performance will come after it, since some configurations must be made. However, it is fine to wait for until next year.

How Much Is 2020 Volkswagen Golf R?

Price and MSRP

In term of price, it is still unclear. There is no official info released about the price. However, it will not be too expensive, although it can be higher compared to the previous generation.

£40,000 will be a reasonable price for this car. This is a good price in comparison to RS3 and also the A45. These two cars are the competitors and it is wise to make the competitive price for 2020 Volkswagen Golf R.

2020 Volkswagen Golf R Colors

We predict the colors that will come out for 2020 Volkswagen Golf R are as follows:



Deep Black Pearl Beige
Night Blue Metallic Titan Black
Platinum Gray Metallic
Pure White
Silk Blue Metallic
Tornado Red
Tungsten Silver Metallic