2020 Volkswagen Van – Camper Van & Electric Van Release Date

Interesting Speculations Related to 2020 Volkswagen Van

2020 Volkswagen Van – Camper Van & Electric Van Release Date – There are rumors about 2020 Volkswagen Van. This becomes interesting rumors since Volkswagen Van has become the iconic products coming from this manufacturer. Along with Beetle, these two types of the car really get attention.

When there are rumors and predictions about new Volkswagen Van, of course, there are many responses. If it is true, VW is going to bring back the legendary car. It becomes a great thing to wait for in 2020.

2020 Volkswagen Camper Van Release Date

2020 Volkswagen Camper Van Release Date

What Will The 2020 Volkswagen Van Look Like?

Redesign, Changes, Concept

As one of the legendary cars, many expectations are made when there are rumors about continuation and release. In term of redesign and concept, it seems that its iconic design is continued with some modern adaptations.

Another sector to see is about the concept of the engine. There are rumors saying this new generation of VW Van is going to have the electric engine. Surely it is a great thing to offer since many cars use this engine in upcoming years.

Exterior and Interior

The exterior is the interesting part. Its appearance will get a modern touch. Of course, it will not have grille since the design is going to keep the iconic concept. Then, unique headlight with bumpers is added. Wheels and tires are also going to get the redesign.

For its interior, the modern cabin is offered. It will keep its concept of spacious space. Some technologies are installed. Even, rumors say the front seat can rotate, so it is easier to have interaction with the passengers in rear seats.

2020 Volkswagen Van Interior

2020 Volkswagen Van Interior

2020 Volkswagen Camper Van Design

2020 Volkswagen Camper Van Design

Engine Specs

2020 Volkswagen Van will have the electric engine. Two motors with a battery as the source of power are installed in the car. These motors are enough to provide up to 369 horsepower. The battery is quite great since it can last for up to 270 miles.

Then, electric motors are not the only sources. It is said this will also have a gasoline engine that can recharge the battery pack. With this additional engine, the Van can be available for long trips.

Trims Levels

Unluckily, it is hard to figure out the trim levels of 2020 Volkswagen Van. There are still limited information sources. Even, most of the news is the only kind of predictions and rumors. That is why it is still too early to look for the trim level.

2020 Volkswagen Electric Van

2020 Volkswagen Electric Van

When Will 2020 Volkswagen Van Come Out?

2020 Volkswagen Van Release Date

Similar to trim level, VW still has not provided any news about this car. So, there is no clear date for its release. Even, it is difficult to figure out in what year this car will be ready.

However, it seems that it is not going to be ready at the end of 2019. Probably, 2020 Volkswagen Van will appear in the middle of 2020. Then, it will be ready for purchase at the end of 2020.

How Much Is 2020 Volkswagen Van?

Price and MSRP

Price is the other unclear part. This car is still in concept. It is quite hard to make an estimation of price. Moreover, no one knows how this car will look like. Therefore, predicting its price is still hard to do.

Based on its rumors on the specification, it is rational to sell this van in around $40,000. It is not too expensive for the iconic car. Moreover, this is going to have electric motors and other upgrades, so it is still reasonable price of 2020 Volkswagen Van.