2020 Volvo S40 Sedan Release Date, Changes, Price, Concept

2020 Volvo S40 Overall Look and Concept

2020 Volvo S40 Sedan Release Date, Changes, Price, Concept – Volvo S40 was discontinued in 2012. However, there is a rumor to bring back this car with the new design. You can expect much about 2020 Volvo S40. The engine, specs, feature, and technology are completely new.

The executive car is a lucrative segment, but highly competitive. Volvo entered this segment with S40 in 1995. The second generation was released in 2005 with new feature and design. Until the last model, this car is still considered the best production at all.

2020 Volvo S40 Rumors Redesign Changes

2020 Volvo S40 Rumors Redesign Changes

What Will The 2020 Volvo S40 Look Like?

Redesign, Changes, Concept

In general, the previous model of S40 was in a category called subcompact executive car. In Europe, this class is called D-segment. Due to smaller chassis, it is at lower segment below the standard compact car. To improve its capability, Volvo added luxury touch, including sophisticated technology.

For new 2020 Volvo S40, the design might be different to adjust with demand in this segment. Volvo has many competitors with prominent name and brand. In this case, the design is not enough. Volvo should enhance car with feature and technology.

Interior and Exterior

The sedan is the base design for this car. It has a curve and aerodynamic touch with smooth contour to bring luxury look. The manufacturer also adds trimmed chrome. At front grille, Volvo emblem is attached with a sharp LED headlight. The car might have a roof at the top.

2020 Volvo S40 has a sophisticated and luxury interior. Based on the previous model, Volvo always installed premium seating, sound system, noise cancelation, and comfortable cockpit. The driver will enjoy driving with the accessible instrument at the dashboard.

The cabin also has features, such as navigation, sensor, climate control, entertainment, infotainment, and smartphone integration. The connectivity includes 4G LTE, Bluetooth, and wireless charging. This car is what luxury subcompact supposed to be.

2020 Volvo S40 Interior Design

2020 Volvo S40 Interior Design

Engine Specs, Horsepower

What is the base engine for new Volvo S40? It is been more than five years since the last model. The car engine improves significantly to fulfill market demand. Engine capacity might be between 1.6 liters and 2.0 liter. Well, subcompact car usually uses a smaller engine than its compact version.

With such engine, 2020 Volvo S40 is expected to boost more than 150 horsepower. For your information, it does not speed vehicle where you get impressive acceleration. On the other side, the car has responsive transmission and easy maneuvering control.

2020 Volvo S40 Engine Specs

2020 Volvo S40 Engine Specs

Trims Levels

Trim level for this car is expected to be at least two models. They are standard where the base specs are installed in every model. Volvo might add models with enhancement in term of feature and powertrain aspect.

When Will 2020 Volvo S40 Come Out?

2020 Volvo S40 Release Date

When this car is available? The official release date is still tentative. This car is still in the development stage. You might need to wait one or two years. Usually, Volvo will introduce the car concept before entering the production stage.

How Much Is 2020 Volvo S40?

Price and MSRP

Price is the thing that everyone wants to know about the new car. How much is Volvo S40? Luxury or premium car has price more than the other segments. Estimation price is approximately more than $35,000. Even though the car is premium, subcompact design makes 2020 Volvo S40 more affordable.

2020 Volvo S40 Colors

We predict the colors that will come out for 2020 Volvo S40 are as follows:



Barents Blue Metallic Off-Black
Black Quartz Beige
Brilliant Blue Metallic Umbra Brown/Quartz Beige
Electric Silver Metallic
Ice White
Passion Red
Silver Metallic
Titanium Gray Metallic