2020 Volvo V40 Cross Country Release Date, Changes, Specs

2020 Volvo V40 Details and Release Date

2020 Volvo V40 Cross Country Release Date, Changes, Specs – Volvo has V40 to fulfill hatchback compact segment. This car was released in 2012. At first glance, it might have small chassis and lower clearance. However, you cannot resist new 2020 Volvo V40 in term of specs and design.

Several updates are added to enhance car capability. You can get the latest tech and feature alongside comfortable driving mode. The engine has some types, such as gasoline, diesel, and hybrid. More about this car is explored in the next sections.

2020 Volvo V40 Redesign Changes Concept

2020 Volvo V40 Redesign Changes Concept

What Will The 2020 Volvo V40 Look Like?

Redesign, Changes, Concept

The hatchback is the car with sedan touch without rear compartment. As result, the car looks bulk like SUV, but smaller. That’s the base concept of Volvo V40. This is a vehicle for daily transportation in the city or urban area. However, the car is still eligible for a long journey as long as it is in the access road.

From the first model to the latest 2020 Volvo V40, there is no significant difference. The car has concept as clean and premium vehicle with less emission. Moreover, it has intuitive technology and youth character that’s represented in its design.

Interior and Exterior

From the exterior side, you will see aerodynamic style from front to rear side. Due to lower clearance, the chassis creates the more stable condition. As a hatchback, V40 has five doors. Meanwhile, Cross Country variant has a bigger wheel to support long driving.

Interior side of 2020 Volvo V40 has premium touch. Luxury seating is installed with additional safety measures, such as seatbelt. Volvo adds some features and technology like navigation, smartphone integration, premium audio, etc. The display at the front dashboard helps the driver to handle everything.

2020 Volvo V40 Cross Country Interior Design

2020 Volvo V40 Cross Country Interior Design

2020 Volvo V40 Engine Specs Concept

2020 Volvo V40 Engine Specs Concept

Engine Specs, Horsepower, Hybrid

As it mentioned, V40 has several engine types. The most common one is the gasoline model with a capacity of 1.5 and 2.0 liter. Both have the capability to exhaust 150 and 187 horsepower. The diesel engine has capacities 1.6 and 2.0 liter with powertrain 113 and 175 horsepower.

The engine is based on the recent model. Some engine types were discontinued in 2015. Volvo still considers this car to install plug-in hybrid specs. It might be a few years ahead after the development stage is done.

Trims Levels

2020 Volvo V40 has several trim levels. They are Momentum, Inscription, R Design, and Cross Country. Momentum is the base model which every V40 will have the same specs. The most advanced level is Cross Country. This car is designed to fulfill a long journey while keep driving in comfort mode.

2020 Volvo V40 Release Date Rumors

2020 Volvo V40 Release Date Rumors

When Will 2020 Volvo V40 Come Out?

2020 Volvo V40 Release Date

Initial released was in 2012. In 2014 and 2015, V40 received a facelift and some upgrades. The latest model is already available in the market. If you want the 2020 model, the order is ready in 2019.

How Much Is 2020 Volvo V40?

Price and MSRP

It might have a small size, but premium feature and advanced tech make the price higher. You need extra money before purchasing this car. However, it is worth as you get what you deserve.

The base price starts at $39,900 for the Momentum model. You may pay more money for Inscription and R design. The most expensive one is Cross Country which is at least $50,000. That’s price list of 2020 Volvo V40 for your reference.

2020 Volvo V40 Colors

We predict the colors that will come out for 2020 Volvo V40 are as follows:



Black Sapphire Metallic Graphite
Cherry Red Metallic Light Taupe
Dark Blue Taupe/Light Taupe
Silver Metallic
Terra Gray Metallic
Virtual Blue Metallic