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Run Macrorify - Image tự động Clicker on PC with LDPlayer


It was working great but now I have this issue in editing where it won"t let me take any macro images or save và delete steps unless I"m outside of an ứng dụng for some reason. Before all that it is a bit of a learning curve but works great when you polish it a bit. So turns out the reason why some features weren"t working was because I had disable alerts during trò chơi on. Turns out it was the reason for some features not working in macrofy.


Excelent ứng dụng I"ve used so far. However I will never pay for subscription-based apps, that kind of payment is robbing the people. Thats why I"m giving it 3 stars instead of 5. My mindset is that you only need lớn pay once, even if it is a bit costly but its fair for users and to developers. So all of this makes me go and search other apps.

Run Macrorify-Image auto Clicker on PC

If you have an immense love for gaming & continuously struggle over your clicks, Ko
K-CODE brings you an amazing auto clicker option called Macrorify-Image tự động Clicker. It can detect images & text, & your macros will be more powerful than ever with this app. So this app is going to be your next pro option for gaming, & LDPlayer 9 is the best emulator khổng lồ run Macrorify-Image tự động hóa Clicker on PC.

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Macrorify-Image auto Clicker features

Ability khổng lồ provide tự động clicks on swiping, clicking, double-clicking, zooming, dragging & dropping, và many other things

It even can record your all-set touches and trả lời them for you. This record can be edited, matched, và even mixed with different intervals and speeds.

Ability khổng lồ click and reach on images

The phầm mềm has the feature lớn identify even multiple images.

Ability lớn understand texts so you can decide what you can vày with them

Very engaging UI khổng lồ have the best simple clicks và swipes

Compatible with any device

Features to pause as well as to resume your macros

Auto off the screen

Ability khổng lồ write option scripts or codes with the app

You can limit the number of items that are visible on your screen.

The Best Gaming from a Bigger Screen

When you are trying to game with this Macrorify-Image tự động hóa Clicker app, it will be better if you can use it from a bigger screen rather than just having to use it on a tiny screen. So you can use LDPlayer 9 for it và enjoy the super chất lượng that this ứng dụng provides at its best.

mở cửa up


NamePackage NameCategoryMOD FeaturesVersionSizePriceRequiresOriginal APKPublisher
Mod game android Unlocked
12.98 MB
Android 4.4
Macrorify (12.36 MB)

If you want to download the latest version of Macrorify APK, then you must come lớn clarice47.com. In clarice47.com you can tải về Macrorify Mod app android v1.4.3.1 for free. Next is a detailed introduction about Macrorify Mod android v1.4.3.1.


Macrorify gian lận APK free Download

Macrorify Mod app android is the PRO version of Macrorify APK. By using the Macrorify mod APK, you can easily complete any tasks và requirements in it. Often you need khổng lồ spend a lot of time or money khổng lồ get rewards easily, but by using Macrorify gian lận APK, you often achieve your goals in a very short time. Macrorify Mod game android is a great way for you to lớn outshine your competition. Now in clarice47.com you can tải về Macrorify game android v1.4.3.1 for free. This process doesn"t cost anything, và you can use it with confidence.

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Macrorify APK download with clarice47.com

If you don"t want to download the Macrorify mod apk version, you can also easily tải về the Macrorify android in clarice47.com. clarice47.com will update the Macrorify game android version in the fastest time. Users can easily update Macrorify app android without downloading Google Play.


Macrorify game android v1.4.3.1 2023 Features

Tell Me About Yourself
Hi, I’m Macrorify & I’m a Macro Maker. You might know me as an tự động Clicker. However, I can vì more than any other tự động clicker. Using Image Detection và Text Recognition, I can help make your macros as powerful as possible.What Are Your Strengths?• Click, Swipe: Long clicks, double clicks,...Any swipes or gestures (drag & drop, pinch, zoom,...) và I can do it with all 10 fingers!• Record and Replay: Record your touches and trả lời them. This recording can be edited freely, mixed & matched in any order, played at different speeds and intervals. You can even randomize every cảm ứng point in it.• Image Detection: This is what I vị best. I click on an image when it appears & react khổng lồ it when it disappears. I can detect multiple images, one after another, and chain multiple triggers together lớn create complex conditional xúc tích statements.• Text Recognition: I can also see words too, those are images too right?. I can recognize if there is text on the screen or not & let you decide what you want me to vày from there.• Intuitive UI: Everything from simple clicks & swipes to Image Detection can be mix up in an easy-to-use interface. You can even create your own custom UI.• Compatibility: Best of all, you don"t need to lớn root your device! It works from Kitkat onwards & even in emulators!• Optional Scripting: You can write code with me. EMScript is easy lớn learn & work with. If you"re looking lớn up your macro-making game, this will mở cửa the door to limitless possibilities!• Built-in Macro Store: Don’t feel like doing the work? You can also tải về macros from other users & earn rewards from uploading your own.What Are Your Hobbies & Interests?
Some other things I"m good at? Well, I can:• tự động turn screen off to lớn save battery life.• Pause and resume macros.• Adjust the area you want me to lớn click.• Limit the number of items shown on screen.• Run specific actions for testing purposes.What Are Your Weaknesses?
In an tiện ích my size, there are bound to be mistakes, bugs. Please tương tác my developer on my trang web or reach them on Discord if you run into any problems.** For android 6 and below users: You need to lớn install a Native Service using a PC for me to lớn work correctly. Please follow the Installation Guide in the ứng dụng carefully
Thank you for your time, we’ll get back khổng lồ you soon
Thank you for having me. I hope you"ll give me a chance khổng lồ show you just how much I can do.Note
The app requires Accessibility Service lớn perform auto-clicking, paste text, press navigation button, etc. No data is collected or shared

How to tải về and install Macrorify Mod android

To download Macrorify thủ thuật from clarice47.com.

You need khổng lồ enable the "Unknown Sources" option.

1. Click the download button at the đứng đầu of the page to tải về the Macrorify mod APK.

2. Save the file in your device"s download folder.

3. Now click on the downloaded Macrorify file to install it and wait for the installation to complete.