Once your audio tệp tin is uploaded, you can move the start and finish slider khổng lồ adjust your trim. We also have a play function which let you play your audio file so that you can preview the exact trim of your audio file.
Precision Cutting

This tool has few features to lớn help you cut mp3 and audio files to the exact position. The start and end sliders display their current positions for easy reading. Plus, you can manually adjust the start/end time by typing those values. We also show your song’s waveform profile so you can visually see where you might want to cut your audio file.

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How khổng lồ Cut mp3? mở cửa MP3Cutter.com Upload your MP3 or other audio files Adjust the start & end handlebars khổng lồ select your trim Optionally, select lớn fade in/out or convert audio format Click ‘Cut Audio File” button khổng lồ cut your MP3 file.
How It Works
Audio Remover (New)

Audio remove function cut out và remove unwanted parts from an audio file. If you choose this option, we will remove the selected part & save the audio file without it. This option is useful for getting rid of unwanted or empty sections of your audio recording.

Web-based Tool

This tool works right on your browser. So there is no software to tải về and install on your computer. You can use it whether you use Windows, Mac, Linux, or a điện thoại device. All you have to bởi vì is upload your audio file & choose your trim.

Fade in/out Option

You can choose fade-in or fade-out options of this mp3 cutter tool to gradually start or fade your selected trim’s audio levels. This is great if you want your trimmed audio tệp tin to sound natural (just lượt thích how a tuy vậy would end with a fading volume)

Cut Any Audio file

MP3Cutter can cut many audio files such as mp3, wav, flac, ogg, wma, m4a, amr, aac, aiff, caf, ac3, ape, 3gpp, m4r. So it is not just for MP3 files!


This tool is hosted on the Amazon cloud and automatically removes all your audio files after 24 hours. You can rest assured that your sensitive audio files are not collected or stored in our servers.

Convert Audio

Once you cut your audio file, you have the option lớn change its format to lớn a variety of formats. Use this option if you want khổng lồ convert your audio file from one format to another.

không lấy phí

This tool is 100% free and always will be. You can help us by sending us your feedback & sharing this tool among your friends. Thank you!

Supported tệp tin types

Supports any audio/video format including: mp3, ogg, mid, mp2, m4a, wav, wave, mp1, ape, rmi, flac, aif, mp3, m4p, 3ga, raw, pcm, aiff, wma, oga, amr, caf, midi, aifc, m4b, aac, m4r, opus, vob, wtv, mpg, mov, xvid, rm, m4v, m1v, flv, divx, mp4, 3gpp, mkv, avi, mpv, rmvb, dvr-ms, wmv, f4p, 3gp, 3g2, ogv, swf, m2ts, mts, qt, mpeg, webm, f4v, asf


Processing your audio file...

Generating audio waveform...

We are cutting your audio file...

We are converting your audio file...

We are joining your audio files...

Retrieving audio file from url...

% Uploaded

% Processed

% Joined

Max allowed file form size is 1gb Unsupported file format, please upload a valid audio tệp tin Unsupported format: some file(s) were not added. You can only upload 20 files at a time. Tệp tin upload error, please try again Sorry something went wrong, please try again Unsupported file format, please insert a valid audio URL Error: start and end time can not be the same This file has expired. Please upload a new tệp tin below Error: start and end time must be valid No files selected. Please select a tệp tin first Upload Error: Please remove the failed uploads và try again

Cut và edit any audio files online for free. Readily remove unwanted parts from your tuy vậy without giving up the original quality. Cut tuy vậy for ringtone now!



How khổng lồ Trim Audio Online with Audio Cutter?

clarice47.com audio trimmer online works with hundreds of đoạn clip and audio formats, including MP3, AAC, MP4, MOV, MTS, VOB, MP3, M4A, OGG, and much more. It only need 3 steps lớn crop audio with ease. After loading up the audio file, this audio cutter lets you trim by entering the exact playback duration or merely dragging the sliders. It can showroom audio fade-inaudio fade-out effects lớn allow smooth transitions, especially when making a ringtone.

See how this music cutter work for trimming songs or customizing your ringtone. Upload a file và try!


Step 1. Upload Audio File

Upload an MP3/Audio tệp tin you want to lớn cut by clicking the Upload clarice47.com button, or you can drag & drop the file to the area directly.

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Step 2. Cut MP3/Audio tệp tin Online

Select the desired beginning & end of your audio tệp tin by online MP3 cutter. Optionally, apply audio fade-in or fade-out effects.


Step 3. Download and Save Trimmed Audio File

Download the trimmed audio file to your local drive or Dropbox/Google Drive. For making ringtone, you can save as MP3.

Why Choose clarice47.com Online Audio Trimmer?

clarice47.com Audio Cutter is among the best audio cutters online for creating ringtones, adding music to video or extracting audio from video. Additionally, this audio cutter also acts as a You
Tube MP3 cutter
. Just load a You
Tube đoạn clip URL và fast convert video clip to MP3. These are the main features you can vị with this online tuy vậy cutter.

Cut & Trim Any Audio Files

clarice47.com audio cutter supports all the popular audio formats such as MP3, WAV, AAC, M4R, FLAC, M4A, MKA, OGG, và more others.

Free Online MP3 Cutter

This free audio trimmer allows you khổng lồ trim MP3 files in seconds & use the split MP3 as a music song. You don"t need to apply some pro softwares at all!

Online Ringtone Cutter

clarice47.com ringtone maker can crop MP3/M4R ringtones from your favorite songs or recordings without losing quality. You can easily custom a ringtone for your phone.

Fade-in and Fade-out

While editing the audio files, it enables you khổng lồ make your audio track to lớn fade in & fade out smoothly at the start và endpoints of the trimmed audio.

Extract Sound from a Video

This online audio trimmer also allows you lớn cut và extract audio from You
Tube video
. Other video clip formats like MKV, VOB, MOV, MP4, Web
, etc. Are supported.

Delete Uploaded tệp tin within 24H

All uploaded files are automatically deleted from our servers after 24 hours. This website is also SSL encrypted lớn prevent unauthorized data access.

Cut Unwanted Parts from Audio/Video

Removing useless audio parts can be used for some music files that come with unnecessarily long introduction parts or contain noisy or silent sections. Other reasons to trim sound are to lớn remove the parts where the narrator uses abusive or inappropriate language, or adjust the length of the audio to fit the clip making. clarice47.com Audio Cutter is the best choice lớn cut & shorten audio and clip files with precision.

Make Ringtones for apk or i

Most people likes to use personalized ringtones for their phones, however, if you only want the extract the highlight of the songs, you need an editor to help you cut out the sections at the beginning & end. In that case, this online MP3 ringtone cutter will help you make a custom ringtone in seconds. Just upload a video clip or audio file và trim it with precision. Then, directly export the shortened music lớn MP3 for app android or M4R for i

Shorten MP3/Audio to lớn Save Storage

If your device is running short of storage, it is a good way lớn compress or shorten the audio and đoạn phim files khổng lồ spare more space You can edit & cut out the highlighted part of the truyền thông files and get rid of the useless parts with ease. clarice47.com also presents as an Audio & clip Compressor for helping you trim out unnecessary parts of the music or videos. Perfectly reduce MP3 file form size and compress clip size.

Trim or Remove Noise from Audio/Video

Audio or music files are sometimes recorded in noisy surroundings with cars honking, babies crying, people talking in the background, & more. For this reason, a noise cutter like clarice47.com is necessary. Here, you can cut MP3 or other audio formats for miễn phí online & remove background noise from audio. This background noise removal tool helps you automatically detect và trim out the select the audio file"s noisy parts.

With 3 quick taps, you can instantly get a trimmed MP3 song. Step 1: simply tap Upload Files Now button on this audio cutter page. Step 2: after uploading the MP3 file successfully, drag the sliders lớn reduce the playback duration. Alternatively, manually enter the precise start & stop points. Step 3: Choose whether to apply fade effects và then select MP3 as the target format. Finally, press Export .

For premium user: Unlimited Size/File with unlimited files. For miễn phí registered user: 2GB/File with 25 audio files. For non-registered user: 2GB/File with 10 audio files.

How lớn Trim an MP3 tệp tin Online

This guidepost compares 6 excellent options khổng lồ find out which one suits your needs perfectly.

Trim Audio with Audacity

If you like using Audacity desktop ứng dụng to make excellent audio, then this is the best guide for you.

Edit Audio with Final Cut Pro

This insightful article will introduce to lớn you some helpful Final Cut Pro audio editing tips & tricks.

Trim MP3 on Quick

If you prefer lớn use táo khuyết Quick
Time and Windows truyền thông Player lớn edit audio files, then read on.

I deeply love this audio cutter because my i
Phone nowadays rings just the way I want it. Also, no ads!
This is a great audio cutter with excellent capabilities. It makes it relatively straightforward for me khổng lồ cut ringtones these days.