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Giáo án giờ Anh 10 Unit 5: Inventions

Lesson 1: Getting started


By the over of this lesson, Ss will be able lớn gain:

1. Knowledge

– An overview about the topic: inventions for education.

– Vocabulary khổng lồ talk about inventions for education.

2. Vi xử lý core competence

– Develop communication skills & awareness of inventions for education.

– Be collaborative and supportive in pair work và teamwork.

– Actively join in class activities.

3. Personal qualities

– Develop flexibility và creativity in learning.

– Be responsible for studying, using educational apps.


– Grade 10 textbook, Unit 5, Getting started

– Computer connected lớn the Internet

– Projector/ TV/ pictures & cards

– sachmem.vn


Language analysis




Vietnamese equivalent 

1. Invent (v)


to produce or design something that has not existed before

phát minh, sáng chế

2. Improve (v)


​to become better than before; to make something/somebody better than before

cải thiện, trở nên tốt hơn

3. Suitable (adj)

/ˈsuːtəbl/ or /ˈsjuːtəbl/

right or appropriate for a particular purpose or occasion

phù hợp

4. ứng dụng (n)


a piece of software that you can tải về to a device such as a smartphone or tablet

ứng dụng

5. Convenient (adj)


useful, easy or quick to do; not causing problems

tiện lợi, thuận lợi



Anticipated difficulties


– Students may not know the meanings of some words in the conversation.

– Students may not know how to lớn work in teams.

– Provide students with some lexical items before listening and reading the conversation.

– Give short, clear instructions and help if necessary.


Board Plan

Date of teaching


Lesson 1: Getting started

* Warm-up: Guessing trò chơi

I. Vocabulary

1. Invent (v): phân phát minh, sáng sủa chế

2. Improve (v): cải thiện, trở nên giỏi hơn

3. Suitable (adj): phù hợp

4. Phầm mềm (n): ứng dụng

5. Convenient (adj): tiện lợi, thuận lợi

II. Practice

Task 1: Listen và read.

Task 2: Read & answer the questions.

Task 3: Find three nouns and three adjectives.

Task 4: Fill in the gaps.

* Homework




In each activity, each step will be represented as following:

* Deliver the task

** Implement the task

*** Discuss

**** Give comments or feedback


Stage aim





– to activate students’ knowledge on the topic of the unit.

– to lớn create a lively atmosphere in the classroom.

– lớn lead into the new unit.



* T gives instructions:

– T brings 3-5 pictures of technological inventions made in the past few centuries such as computers, laptops, smartphones, và calculators.

– T folds each picture in half (or as many times as necessary), then shows each folded picture to the class & asks the class lớn guess what it is.

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– If no one can guess correctly, T unfolds part of the picture in front of the class until someone can guess the name of the invention.

** Ss look at each of the folded pictures và guess what it is.

*** Ss work in 4 groups, look at each of the folded pictures from the teacher, quickly discuss with each other, and guess what it is.

**** T checks & corrects if Ss spell or pronounce the words/ phrases incorrectly.

– T asks: What is common between these pictures?

Suggested answer: They are all the result of advances in modern technology.


– T leads in the lesson: Technological inventions have brought a lot of benefits to our lives. We are going to lớn find out more about these inventions: what they are & how they facilitate your studies.













5 mins





Tài liệu gồm 48 trang, trên đây trình bày tóm tắt 2 trang của Giáo án tiếng Anh 10 Global Success Unit 5.

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Trên đây là cục bộ nội dung về bài học kinh nghiệm Giáo án giờ đồng hồ Anh 10 Unit 5 (Global Success 2023): Inventions . Hi vọng sẽ là tài liệu hữu ích giúp những em chấm dứt tốt bài xích tập của mình.

Ngữ âm: Trọng âm của danh từ bao gồm 3 âm ngày tiết

Phát âm: Trọng âm của danh từ gồm 3 âm huyết trong giờ Anh: các quy tắc cùng ví dụ minh họa.

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Ngữ pháp: Thì hiên tại hoàn thành & V-ing cùng to V

Ngữ pháp: Thì hiện nay tại ngừng & V-ing với to V Unit 5 giờ Anh 10 Global Success

Xem chi tiết

I. Getting Started

1. Listen and read. 2. Read the conversation again & answer the questions. 3. Find three nouns and three adjectives in the conversation in 1 to lớn talk about inventions. Follow the example. 4. Fill in each gap in the summary of the conversation with ONE word from 1.

Xem giải thuật

II. Language

1. Listen và repeat. Pay attention to lớn the stressed syllable in each word. 2. Connect all the words with the găng tay pattern khổng lồ cross the river. Then listen and kiểm tra your answers. Practise saying these words in pair. 1. Unscramble the underlined letters in these words. Use the pictures below & the glossary (page 127) to help you. 1. Circle the correct answer. 2. Complete the sentences using the gerunds or the to-infinitive of the verbs in brackets. Sometimes both forms are possible.

Xem lời giải

III. Reading

1. Look at the pictures of Asimo & Sophia and discuss the questions below in pairs. 2. Read the text below and choose the best title for it. 3. Read the text again & match the pictures with the uses of AI. 4. Decide whether the following statement are true (T) or false (F). 5. Work in groups and discuss how AI can be used in schools. Then nội dung your ideas with the whole class.

Xem lời giải

IV. Speaking

1. Work in pairs. Talk about the uses of these inventions. Use the expressions below to help you. 2. Work in groups. Talk more about one of the inventions in 1. Use the outline below to lớn help you prepare a group presentation. 3. Present your ideas to lớn the whole class. Then vote for the most interesting group presentation.

Xem giải mã

V. Listening

1. Complete the sentences with the words in the box. 2. Listen lớn a conversation about Robo
Vacuum. Fill in each gap in the diagram below with ONE word. 3. Listen again. Put a tick (✓) next lớn the correct way và a cross (x) next to the wrong way to lớn use Robo
Vacuum. 4. What other buttons do you want Robo
Vacuum to have? địa chỉ them khổng lồ the picture below & tell your friend about them.

Xem giải mã

VI. Writing

1. Choose an invention in this unit. Draw a diagram lớn show how it is used. Then work in groups khổng lồ guess one another’s inventions. 2. Rewrite the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning lớn the first. Use the expressions và the prompts below lớn help you. 3. Write a paragraph (120 - 150 words) khổng lồ describe two or three benefits of the invention you chose in 1. Use the outline below khổng lồ help you.

Xem giải thuật

VII. Communication & Culture / CLIL

1. Listen và complete a conversation at a computer store with the expressions in the box. Then practise it in pairs. 2. Work in pairs. Role – play similar conversations about other devices you want khổng lồ buy. Use the example in 1 và the expressions below lớn help you. 1. Read the text below. Match the highlighted words và phrase with their meanings. 2. Look at the advertisements. Decide which one is most suitable for each person below.

Xem giải thuật

VIII. Looking back

Solve the crossword. Use the three-syllable nouns in this unit. Read out the correct answers in pairs when you finish. Circle the correct answers.

Xem lời giải

IX. Project

Work in groups. Your class is organizing a technology Fair. The theme is “inventions for the classroom”. Each group is presenting a useful invention for the classroom. This can be existing or new invention.

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